What should I bring with me when I come for an appointment with my doctor?

Apart from medicare and your insurance information:

  • Medicare card, DVA card, Pension Card
  • Reports, X-rays, MRI's, CT scans etc and any other relevant information

Are my medical records kept private and confidential?

Your doctor handles your medical file with the utmost respect for your privacy. Your doctor and support staff at Ti-Tree are bound by strict confidentiality requirements under privacy legislation. Ordinarily the contents of your medical file will not be released without your consent.

What should I expect during my first visit with my doctor?

During your initial visit, your doctor will explain the specific test or procedure you want, help you visualize the results and go over the risks. Your doctor may do a physical examination and ask you a bunch of questions. Once you go and have the test done then your doctor will decide your diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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