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Our Team

Our team offering personal attention throughout your treatment journey

  • Dr. Andrew Karamesinis

    Dr. Andrew Karamesinis

    • Aged Care
    • Management of patients with Depression and Anxiety

  • Dr. Marie Karamesinis

    Dr. Marie Karamesinis

    • Optimising well-being
    • Chronic health management
    • Mental health
    • Healthy ageing
    • Supportive and psychoanalytic psychotherapy

  • Dr. David Kosenko

    Dr. David Kosenko

    • General Family Medicine
    • Skin & Skin Cancer Medicine
    • Cosmetic Medicine
    • Diabetes
    • Aged Care

  • Dr. Kate Cooper

    Dr. Kate Cooper

    • Women's Health including antenatal care, contraception, menopause
    • Mental health
    • General Family Medicine

  • Dr. Joanne Newton

    Dr. Joanne Newton

    • General Family Medicine
    • Mental Health
    • Women's Health

  • Dr. Heather Lacey

    Dr. Heather Lacey

    • Family care

  • Dr. David Rolls

    Dr. David Rolls

    • Sports Medicine

  • Dr. Aram Isaac

    Dr. Aram Isaac

    • General Family Medicine
    • Skin & Skin Cancer Medicine
    • Diabetes and cardiovascular Diseases
    • Emergency Medicine/ Fracture management/ Joint Injections

  • Dr. Megan Stewart

    Dr. Megan Stewart

    • Adult education and research

  • Dr Michael Grant

    Dr Michael Grant

    • Dermatology
    • Skin cancer medicine
    • Aged care
    • Holistic medicine

  • Andrew Welsh

    Andrew Welsh

    • Osteopath
    Allied Health

  •  Justine Thomas

    Justine Thomas

    • Dietitian
    Allied Health

  • Dr Alison Pung

    Dr Alison Pung

    • Paediatrics
    • Obstetrics
    • Gynaecology
    • Psychiatry

Patient Journey

Provides information and education regarding each stage of treatment

Payment Options

Guidance and assistance about Insurance, Medicare, Mode of Payments, Pensioner Rates

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  • myGov
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